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A Hyde Park High School teacher has been arrested after he sent a picture of himself naked in the bath.This image formed part of a Whatsapp chat with a 16-year-old kid.702's Xolani Gwala spoke of a new social media trend called ' Blesserfinder', social media platforms where girls are allegedly matched with rich 'benefactors' in exchange for sex.The trend apparently started on social media, where unemployed women were posting about their expensive lifestyles, claiming they had been 'blessed' .Unfortunately for him, it was actually the kid’s mother..According to EWN: A Johannesburg teacher has been arrested after sending his 16-year-old pupil a naked photograph of himself sitting in a bathtub and unwittingly engaging in a late night Whats App conversation with the boy’s mother.7/30/2013 : PUPIL: G’Nite 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: U sure u don’t want to… 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Kidding gnite 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: Don’t want to what ….This apparently lead to users on these platforms asking the girls who their 'blessers' were.Is this just a harmless phenomenon, or something more?

Great Dr king call whatsapp I offer you this prayer, to help you with your current relationship situation. I'd like to be the one who makes your heart whole again and I'm confident I can do just that, if you can be kind enough to let me.

AT ABOUT 3pm yesterday in South Africa - Women's Day, a public holiday - a group of women arrived to whoop it up at Johannesburg's House of Spartacus.

Because of the occasion this group - a hen party - was being feted with a package of drinks, snacks, chat and music, plus male strippers, "adult Tupperware party" and "much, much more".

My fone crashed I lost the last few messages 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Oh. 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: I kinda get a bit of perverse pleasure from making u horny 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: 🙂 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: Not fair if u don’t share! (ANOTHER PUPIL) trying to get me to con his mom to let him come over 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: K 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Pornographic image depicting a child giving a man a blow job 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: Is he coming?

7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Up to his mom 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: K 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Or if he lets me jerk him off hahaha 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: Hahaha 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Pornographic image of two men engaged in sexual intercourse 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: That’s all I want to do at the moment 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: To who??? 7/30/2013 : PUPIL: S’pose not 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Image of young naked boy posing with his rear to the camera 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: Nice bum 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: I really wouldn’t mind doing it to u 7/30/2013 : TEACHER: In fact…

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